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Erika Flint, BCH, MCPHI, OB
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Join award-winning hypnotist Erika Flint as she debuts an all-new masterclass for current and aspiring healers and life-changers who want to learn an ancient modality with a modern update that brings clients lasting relief from lifelong issues with hypnosis.

Why hypnosis?

  • Hypnosis works even when everything else has failed because it works below the level of conscious thinking. 

  • Modern Hypnosis techniques are fast and repeatable.
  • The only prerequisite to being a great hypnotist is compassion and drive.

  • Earn a great income for you and your family while helping your community.

  • This is a fulfilling career - if something is missing in your life, perhaps it's helping others make lasting changes with hypnosis.

    Learn all about hypnosis and enjoy a live Q&A with Erika.

"Erika’s classroom is a place for intense learning and profound change. She’s compassionate and caring while being highly organized and informed on modern therapeutic hypnotherapy techniques."


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